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When I go into my Sabre ticket reservation system I enter one of the following codes:

112SEPRDUZRH 1-means I'm looking for flights...12SEP is the date-Raleigh-Durham to Zurich is the itinerary
112SEPRDUZRH*AA Same as above but *AA means I'm looking for American Airlines flights
112SEPRDUZRH-N*AA Same as above but the -N means I'm looking for tickets in N Class which is the Net class for American tickets.(Net is not always "N", it can be "Q", 'L", "U" etc....depending on the airline and the year.

To find the American/Swiss Codeshare I type in the following code.
This will get me the info on the American flights which looks like this...

Airline/Fl # Class Itinerary Time of departure/arrival
7AA*4562 N7 RDUBOS 220P 410P
8AA*6213 N7 ZRH 655P 815A‡1
9AA*4710 N7 RDUJFK 110P 240P
10AA 64 N7 ZRH 900P 1045A‡
11AA*4730 N7 RDULGA 158P 330P
12AA*6203 N0 JFKZRH 625P 815A

I choose flights 7 & 8 which get me into Zurich through Boston the following morning(815A+1)

Then I put in the following code which is leaving Zurich for the Athens the following day.

(if I wanted to find a flight leaving after 9am I would put the following code(112SEPRDUZRH9A-N*AA), but since I'm pretty familiar with the schedule I don't need to specify the time since all 4 flights will show up.

Airline/Fl # Class Itinerary Time of departure/arrival
LX1830 N0 ZRHATH 950A 125P
7LX1842 N9 ZRHATH 825P 1155P
8LX2804 N9 ZRHGVA 1130A 305P
9LX1822 N9 ATH 1130A 305P

As you can see, there are no seats in "N" class on Flight #LX(LX is the code for Swiss)1830. This is a great connection, but since it's not available then we have to make the choice: Do we wnat a 12 hour layover in Zurich or should we look for other flights. Some people like the 12 hour layover as it gives them some time to explore Zurich. Others say "what the hell", let's stay there overnight(which costs about $100 more plus hotel and expenses), while others say "Let's see what else is available". I then can check other dates or other airlines.a

If you're wondering about the third option(Swiss #2804 through Geneva to Swiss #1822- that is not an option because the rules of American's codeshares are that you can't have the two flights through Switzerland just a direct flight to Athens).

There is another set of options on AA/Swiss for that day. I can book the flights through Geneva the same way I did for Zurich. To do this I have to start the whole process over again. It's a lot of work to find the flights, which is why Expedia, Travelocity and the others don't even look!

It is at this point I usually raise my hands in frustration, look up towards the sky and ask the power(s) that be "How can there be no seats on a Sept 13 flight?". This is not the middle of the summer, how many Swiss could possibly fleeing their country after the end of the peak season in Greece(and the end of the stiffling hot weather and sun that will toast the unweary sunbathers a bright lobster red!)

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